I love chess. I’ve loved it since I was 10 years old or so. I’m not a great player, mostly due to laziness, and have never played in any competition, nor been a part of any club. And , sometimes, I stop playing for months, even years.

But I still love the game. It relaxes me, and keeps my mind “in shape”


These days, I mostly play on GameKnot, because 1) it’s web-based, and 2) it’s not in real time (it’s more like “correspondence chess”), so I can just make my moves whenever I’m online, and not worry about them when I’m not.

Unfortunately, I know, personally, very few people who like chess, and yet it’s more fun to play against people you know (even if just from “the Net”) than against total strangers. So, if you’d like to play against a 1250-1300 player, feel free to go to GameKnot (it’s free, though there are some extras available to paying subscribers) and challenge me – I’m “dehumanizer“, there. :)

See you on the chessboard…

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2 Responses to “Chess”

  1. Psi says:

    Não conheço, mas vou exprimentar. Contudo sou um fã do pela sua massa critica e simplificidade.

  2. Viva,

    já lá tens um challenge meu, cffernandes. Já tinha uma conta criada, mas tive um problema qualquer ( e parece que não fui o único) com a minha conta – não me deixam jogar nenhum jogo pq dizem que usei mais do que uma máquina para aceder à minha conta ou qualquer coisa estupida parecida. (O meu user era o nantuko, e as estatisticas ainda lá andam). Já há muito que andava para criar uma nova conta, e hoje aproveitei para isso.

    Não jogo nada de jeito, mas pode ser que sirva para te entreter :)

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