New games ordered

Just ordered from

Yes, I’m in a strategy mood. :)
They should be here next week or so…

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9 Responses to “New games ordered”

  1. Ricardo says:

    Hummm let me know then if Fire Emblem is worth it… I have my eye on it since I saw the review in Gamespot. By the way, several Worten stores are selling Gamecube titles at crazy prices like 20€ and 15€. Last week I bought StarWars Rogue Leader and Bomberman Generations at 15€ each, today I saw Monkey Ball 2 at 20€. :D I’m making a spree in Worten stores eheheh.

  2. Dehumanizer says:

    You mean I’m not the only guy in Portugal with a GameCube? Yay! :)

    Seriously, I’ve seen that phenomenon at Worten stores before – last Christmas, I bought Super Mario Sunshine and Rocky at 9.99 € each!

    I ordered these ones from, though. It’s usually cheaper, and there are many more titles available.

  3. Odrakir says:

    LOL No you’re not! I love my Cube and I still have a few games I want to buy for it. Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes is one of them… and Resident Evil 4 and Viewtiful Joe 2, and Metroid Prime 2… ok… I’m gonna stop I’m getting depressed :(

  4. Dehumanizer says:

    RE4 and MP2 are absolutely fantastic. RE4, in particular, is a must buy.

  5. Kanzentai says:

    I’d like to get a shot at Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes someday :)
    (Gray Fox fan ^^)

  6. Ricardo says:

    I bought a copy yesterday… It’s great! If you played the original Metal Gear on PSX ou PC you will enjoy all the differences. For me it’s better than MGS2, MGS1 had a better story and the GC version has all the MGS2 playability that made it so great. Next: Resident Evil 4 :P

  7. Dehumanizer says:

    Maybe I’ll buy MGS:TS soon. It should be cheap, now…

  8. Odrakir says:

    Not really :( I bought it at normal price here in Portugal. had no new copies in stock.

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